Allamanda sp. Alba, Allamanda Blanca

Allamanda sp. Alba

Allamanda Blanca
Family: Apocynaceae
Origin: Thailand
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallVine or creeper plantFull sunRegular waterWhite, off-white flowersPlant attracts butterflies, hummingbirdsIrritating plant

Allamanda sp. Alba (Allamanda Blanca) is a beautiful and large shrub, measuring 5-10 ft tall, and is native to Thailand. Although usually seen as a vine or creeper, it can also be grown in a pot, hence making it suitable even in colder regions. It needs full sun and regular water, but not too much. It produces gorgeous, white, off-white flowers which have an almost too sweet, but pleasant odor. The downside? These flowers are also a bit irritating, so it's best to enjoy their sight from a safe distance.

These flowers attract butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds and thus have become a favored nectar source for them. It is hardy in USDA zones 9-11 but should not be exposed to below 20 Fahrenheit. It's also easy to manage, as it requires regular pruning to keep in shape and create a shapely look. Allamanda sp. Alba (Allamanda Blanca) is a great addition to any garden. Its attractive flowers and low maintenance means any gardener is sure to enjoy this plant!

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