Acacia dealbata, Silver Wattle, Winter Mimosa tree

Acacia dealbata

Silver Wattle, Winter Mimosa tree
Family: Fabaceae
Subfamily: Mimosoideae
Origin: Australia
USDA Zone: 9-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapSmall tree 10-20 ftFull sunModerate waterYellow, orange flowersPlant attracts butterflies, hummingbirdsFragrant plant

Acacia dealbata (Silver Wattle) is usually found growing in full sun and can tolerate a range of soils as long as it is well drained. It appreciates moderate water and should be kept evenly moist; it is also moderately drought tolerant once established. This small tree is native to Australia and grows to a height of 10-20 feet, with a spread of 8-15 feet. This tree is invaluable in the landscape due to the profusion of fragrant, yellow or orange flowers that are produced in early spring. Not only do they add much beauty and fragrance to the garden, but they attract both butterflies and hummingbirds.

It thrives in USDA zones 9-11. When planting Acacia dealbata, choose a spot where it can be in full sun and keep the soil evenly moist. In cold regions, the Silver Wattle does best in a container rather than planted directly in the ground. Be sure the container is large enough for the tree to reach its full height, with plenty of drainage. During the colder months, mulch heavily around the container to protect the roots. Water when the soil is dry to a depth of an inch or so, and avoid over-watering as this can lead to root rot. Fertilizer should be applied occasionally during the growing season.

Overall, Acacia dealbata is a unique and beautiful addition to the garden, with its fragrant blooms and stunning foliage.

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Acacia dealbata, Silver Wattle, Winter Mimosa tree
Acacia dealbata, Silver Wattle, Winter Mimosa tree
Acacia dealbata, Silver Wattle, Winter Mimosa tree

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