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Terms of Use, Sale and Rates

Please note that in case of ANY electronic edition (website, CD, online Database, etc) our copyright must be ON the image. Captions can be provided only in case of printed editions, such as books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Photo Credit


High resolution digital originals provided by request. Original image size is usually around 3000 pixels width or more.

All material remains the property of Top Tropicals, LLC (copyrighted as © and Top Tropicals, LLC retains copyright to all works. In addition, on selected images individual copyrights of our authors/photographers may occur, like MR, EleNZ and others, which may or may not be accompanied by main copyright sign © If images from are used on an Internet web site, Top Tropicals LLC shall be notified of such use and copyright attributed to ©

Non-commercial use images can be used free of charge in non-commercial projects, such as:

  • Informational/educational websites such as forums, plant identifiers, etc.
  • Botanical web-based educational sources, such as plant databases
  • Non-profit projects, including gardening newsletters, newspapers and magazines

Feel free to use our pictures with our copyright provided. If you'd like to resize our photo, you must reprint our legible copyright © on it or, in case of printed edition, provide a full credit caption such as "Photo by".
You may contact us for high resulution originals.

Commercial use

All material is offered by with certain exceptions for limited one time copyright use.

Licensing of the original picture in electronic format is limited to the sole use of the original purchaser and may not be resold, rented, loaned, sold, or gifted for any reason whatsoever, without written permission of for any purpose.

Written permission from is needed prior to making any alterations, additions, or subtractions, alone or with any other material, by use of computer or other known means.

In the event that use is made (published or otherwise) of property prior to payment as per these "Terms of Sale and Rates" reserves the right to charge reasonable expenses incurred for the recovery of his property and legal fees and appeals.


Rates are negotiable depending on use and quantity. In some cases, pictures can be provided free of charge as a trade for advertising.

Brochures, Advertising, Inserts, Posters, Packaging, Tags, Calendars, Posters

$80 for the use of each image for 100,000 press run or less.
There is an additional $40.00 charge for each increment of 100,000 press run.


Books and magazines for one-time English Language Rights. Rates according to placement and press run.
Press runs over 100,000
$200 - 1/4 page
$300 - 1/2 page
$400 - full page
$500 - Front cover

Educational and Textbook Use

$25 - ID Photo, less than 1/4 page
$50 - 1/4 page to 1/2 page
$75 - 1/2 page to full page
$100 - full page, chapter opener
$200 - Front cover

Gardening Magazines with under 25,000 circulation

$20 - ID Photo, less than 1/4 page
$40 - 1/4 page to 2/3 page
$60 - 2/3 page to full page
$100 - Front cover

Video, e-books, electronic media

$200 minimum

Nursery trade "catalog use"

  • Printed catalogs:
    Image is used for plant identification (1/4 page or less) - $100. Purchasing nursery trade catalog use rights entitles you to use it in your catalog for five years. If after five years you want to continue using the photo in your catalog, the cost per year will be 25% of our then current price for catalog use.
  • Web catalogs
    Internet only use where digital image is provided at 100 dpi or less for illustration of plant material to be sold, $10.00 per year (image size 300 x 300 pixels), $15.00 per year (image size 600 x 600 pixels). $20.00 per year for both sizes. For 10 or more images, contact us for pricing.

Other Rates

  • One time reuse at 50% of original fee
  • One time unique subject use at $300 to $500
  • Buyouts/exclusive rights to use in a specific field by agreement.

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