Plant Whisperer: Landscaping & FRUITISCAPING

Come into our garden, your flowers want to meet you!


Want new landscaping, don't know what plants to buy?
Let our experts help you with the best choice!

Tired of landscaper mowing/spraying your prized plants?
Let him do the grass, we can do the garden!

Don't want to look like the neighbor's house?
Our plants are different! From all over the world.

Want a new hobby?
Gardening is not just fun, it's therapeutic!

Already a plant collector? We dig your yard...
We have the same addiction... We must meet!

Wanna have your own fresh mango from a tree?...
We have 100+ varieties, let us help you decide!

Let's change the world by planting one tree at a time... and let it be a useful fruit tree, beautiful flowering tree or bush, fragrant perfume plant that will enchant your day and night. We are offering landscaping consultations and services. We can help you to make the world better and happier place.

Did you know that...

- life begins the day you start a garden...
- a beautiful garden is a work of heart...
- a well landscaped yard adds $10,000 to your home resale value...
- early to bed + early to rise = work like hell and fertilize!...

TopTropicals garden designs. You pick it, we stick it! Starting at $20.

- plant recommendations for all your needs, garden/landscape consultations
- delivery and installation: we bring our dirt, mulch, and shovels! And you enjoy!
Delivery: $50 within 25 miles. Landscapng consultations - per estimate.
Tree installation: 3 gal - $20, 7 gal - $30, 15 gal - $40, 25 gal and more - $50+

Gardening often begins with a daybreak and ends with a back break...
Let us do the planting for you. We Get Down and Get Dirty!
You do the fun part – enjoy your flowers and fruit!

TopTropicals Garden Doctor - let us teach you how to garden. $60 a month.

We check your plant needs and get you all the right prescriptions!

- garden maintenance suggestions
- plant health check up and recommendations
- info on: nutrition (plant foods macro-, micro-), pest control, light, water, trim, mulch

Come to see us at Top Tropicals for all your gardening needs.
Not only can we show you something different, we can teach you how to grow it!

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Landscape specials

What will make your garden special, enjoyable and different from others?

Landcape with (just a few examples out of our 3000-profiles plant catalog):

  • Trees
    • Mangoes
    • Litchi and Longans
    • Hardy Avocado trees
    • Guava
    • Beautiful flowering and perfume trees: Champaca, Ylang Ylang, Tabebuias, Cassias, Delonix
  • Shrubs
    • Gardenias
    • Jasmines
    • Thunbergia
    • Caesalpinia
  • Vines
    • Fragrant vines: Beaumontia, Stephanotis, Jasmines
    • Allamanda lianas, Cherry Jubilee variety
    • Spectacular flowering vines: Petrea, Quisqualis. Aristolochia
  • Use rare plants to make your collection a conversation piece
    • Erblichia - rare flowering tree with large hibiscus-like flowers with apricot fragrance
    • Rambutan, Carambola, Akee, Cocoa - rare fruit trees... enjoy exotic harvest!
    • ...and hundreds more to chose from!

We can help you to make a right choice for your yard and conditions:


Just one yard - before and after
(More pictures of progress see here)



Fish pond


Selected do-it-yourself projects

Welcome to KrolikUdaff-TopTropicals! - 2004 project

Cacti Alps: the art of growing cacti and succulents outdoors in humid climate

...Many people like to grow cacti, and it's easy for those who live in states of Texas and Arizona, but have you tried to grow cacti in Florida under heavy rainfall?..

Fragrant plants
Plants attracting butterflies and hummingbirds


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