Jasminum Emporium

Rare jasmines and fragrant plants from around the world


Welcome to Jasmine Emporium,
where you will find the most exotic, unusual and fragrant tropical plants!

The founder of the company is Marie Gloria Rivera, in Puerto Rico. She is a passionate gardener and professional landscape architect/designer, specializing in rare fragrant plants, and... amazing and happy person! She can help you to create a garden of your dreams!

Jasminum Emporium is proud to be the official dealer of TopTropicals in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

NOTE for Puerto-Rican customers: you may contact Marie for ordering plants from our large inventory. She receives consolidated shipments of plants from us on regular basis.

Jasminum Emporium contact information

Website: jasmineemporium.com

For landscape consultation, please write to: or

Remote consultation available, please get you garden photos ready!

We can help you find the fragrant jasmines that you are looking for, or you can choose from hundreds of rare plants in our extensive catalog. We are always traveling the globe to bring you the most beautiful flowers, vines, trees and shrubs to enhance your home and garden with wonderful fragrances!

As a professional landscape designer, Marie Gloria can make your dream garden a reality.
On-staff agronomists, botanists and contractors will make the job interesting, hassle-free and fun!


Some projects of Marie Gloria


Marie Gloria and her team delivering exotic plants from Top Tropicals.

More photos of Marie Gloria:


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Coco - The Lady with Sad Eyes...