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20 Jun 2018 - Dealing with heat waves

Tip of the Month: dealing with heat waves

Q: I live in California and this summer has been super hot, with temperature above 100 degrees. This heat wave is killing my plants! Please help!

A: If you live in Southwest, then you are familiar with heat waves, when temperature raises above 110F and up to 120F, while humidity is below 10%. Scorching heat can damage and kill unprotected young plants. Especially if they're recently planted.

Most tropical plants came from humid tropics and they don't easily tolerate high temperatures and low humidity. You can tell such plants immediately. Desert plants have small, waxy succulent leaves, which are capable to reduce evaporation. (See list of plants tolerant to hot and dry conditions). Tropical plants have large soft leaves and need high humidity.

These steps will help to protect them... Continue reading...