TopTropicals Newsletter / January 29, 2011

New arrivals of flowering and fragrant tropical plants

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2035 Bauhinia variegata alba (candida) - White orchid tree
Spectacular flowering tree. The most cold hardy of all bauhinias. Fast growing, good shade tree. Winter bloomer!

1357 Spathodea campanulata - African Tulip Tree
Medium size tree. Blooms winter through spring with gorgeous tulip-like flowers, red with yellow throat.

4135 Bignonia Capreolata - Crossvine
Fast-growing cross-vine with deep red buds in spring, which open to reveal a cheery yellow inside. Very cold hardy, easy to grow.

4085 Calliandra haematocephala Alba - White Powderpuff
Very rare white powder-puff. Large bushy shrub with spectacular white flowers during spring-summer. The plant is relatively cold hardy. Fast growing.

3226 Bougainvillea arborea Dwarf - PIXIE
Unusual form of thornless Bougainvillea with extremely slow growth rate. It has a shape of natural bonsai, and leaves are smaller. Bright magenta flowers are born in dense clusters. 3-4 y.o. plants are only as tall as 2-3 ft and look like dwarf bonsai trees. Perfect for potting culture and doesn't require much of a pruning.


2025 Cananga fruticosa - Dwarf Ylang-Ylang
Dwarf Chanel #5, small tree or compact shrub with perfume scented flowers. This dwarf variety appears to be more cold hardier than regular Ylang-Ylang Tree!

3783 Ceiba hybrid Pink Princess
This hybrid is a dwarf tree only 8-12 ft tall with a spreading crown. Great for small yards or container culture. Pink Silk Floss Tree is one of the most beautiful trees in the world. In full bloom, there are almost no leaves. You see a huge mass of color with 10s of thousands of flowers.

2024 Gardenia tubifera Kula - Golden Gardenia
Very rare tropical gardenia. Medium size slow growing shrub with leathery leaves and fragrant flowers that change color from ivory through yellow to orange. It is a rare, collectible item!

3261 Gardenia posoqueria (nitida)
Rare gardenia from Africa with star-like tubular flowers. Blooms sporadically year round. Covered with flowers when in bloom. Strong fragrance, unusually shaped leaves.

2049 Adenium obesum - Grafted Desert Rose
Mixed colors - red, pink, striped. With large caudex, blooming size. Some plants are 2-3 colors grafted on same plant.

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3699 Brunfelsia isola
Lavender Lady of the Night - This is a new cultivar created as a cross between B. americana and B. grandiflora. It has advantages of fragrant cream-colored brunfelsias and light purple color of flowers that change sometimes to cream-yellow, remaining purple margins. Lavender to off-white flowers have very strong night fragrance. Very rare, collectible item.

1311 Brunfelsia nitida - Lady of the Night
Very fragrant. It has creamy white flowers with long tubes, which are extremely fragrant after dark. This plant grows as bush and is more compact than Brunfelsia americana.

2993 Gardenia Miami Supreme - grafted
One of the most desired gardenias. It is a good grower with large leaves. Very large flowers, 3 to 5 inches in diameter, blooms March thru June. Large bushy grafted plant, can be planted in ground.

1093 Gardenia Vietnamensis
Vietnamese Gardenia - large fragrant flowers. Easy to grow to compare with other gardenias, not so sensitive to overwatering and the most cold hardy of all tropical gardenias. Flowers are very beautiful unusual shape, extremely fragrant. Perfect for container, very bushy. Can be also planted in the ground.

2541 Magnolia (Michelia) figo
Michelia Figo, Banana Magnolia. Spring-blooming, heavily scented, cream flowers streaked with purple. The banana shrub is so called because of the distinctive, sweet banana scent of its flowers. The plant is cold hardy, prefers filtered light, also a good choice for container culture.
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