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Sapodilla, Leechee, Longan, Loquat, Jackfruit, Mango, Java Apple &more...

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Sapodilla varieties

4310 Hasya
Extra large, football-shaped fruit native to Mexico, number one commercial cultivar. Reddish hue throughout the pulp. Large upright grower, prolific producer of large fruit that weigh thirteen ounces.

3401 Silas Woods
The most sought after. Dwarf growth habit, adapts well to a container. Producing year round, the branches often require support as they get very heavy loaded with fruits.

Loquat varieties

4150 Italy

New grafted cultivar from budwood brought from Italy. Fruit are large size, yellow orange skin with yellow flesh, very sweet with no acid taste. Very hardy fruit tree.

4305 Gold Nugget

Extra large sweet fruit. Very cold hardy fruit tree.

Mango varieties:

4080 Alampur Baneshan
Condo mango originated in North India and is considered as one of the finest dessert mangos in the country. The fruit are large, with exceptional, multi-leveled flavor, for the true connoisseur.

3169 Alphonso
the best Indian cultivar in terms of sweetness and flavor. One of the rarest varieties and sought after - sweet large juice fruit.

3118 Ice Cream
The most popular of the “condo mangos.” Dwarf tree, small green fruit w/yellow flesh. Flavored like name. A height of just six feet makes it ideal for container growing.

4309 Kensington Pride
(syn. Pride of Bowen, Bowen Special) is the number one commercial variety in Australia for the drier areas. Flesh is orange, thick, nearly fiberless, juicy, of rich flavor. Unusually sweet-scented leaves.

4225 St Maui
Rare variety, St. Maui mango is from Hawaii, referred to as "pacific/indo-chinese". Rich flavor, sweet and juicy; well adapted to humid climate.

Jackfruit varieties

2734 Black Gold
Originated in Australia. The deep orange flesh is very soft, with strong flavor and aroma. The flesh easily removed from the fruit comparing to other cultivars.

4301 Black Gold x Tabouey
The fruit of this hybrid is weighting 45-55 lb!

4201 Golden Pillow
(Mong Tong) originated in Thailand. Considered one of the best Thai cultivars. The tree is small and easy manageable at a height of 8-10 ft. The fruit has blocky shape, weighting 8-10 lb. The golden color flesh is thick and crunchy. The flavor is mild and sweet with musky aftertaste.

4302 Mai-1
This Thai variety has oval 25-35 lb fruit; the flesh is extra crispy.

4303 Mai-2
This Thai variety has round 15-25 lb fruit; the flesh is extra crispy.

More rare fruit trees:

3766 Areca catechu -
dwarf Betel Nut

Dwarf variety can be grown in container (stays short).
This palm is the basis of a large industry in SE Asia, where the seed is chewed for its intoxicating properties, as well as its supposedly beneficial side effects, such as aiding digestion, and controlling internal parasites and dysentery.

2081 Averrhoa bilimbi - Cucumber Tree
Pretty tropical fruit tree with curious acid fruit that is good for drinks and has high content of vitamin C.


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Leechee varieties

4306 Kaimana
The best Hawaiian variety, with a great flavor. Collectors item.

4307 Emperor
Giant fruit, late season.

3688 Groff
Rare variety of Leechee with small, cinnamon flavored fruit. Small habit, rare.

4308 Ohia
Ohia litchi - heavy producer, compact tree.

Longan varieties

4304 Diamond River
Produces multiple crops.

1083 Kohala
The crisp skin is easy to remove and the white flesh has a texture and sweetness reminiscent of litchi.

3639 Sri Champoo

Superior variety with pinkish fruit.

Java Apple varieties:

4311 Syzygium samarangense - white fruit
Wax Jamboo, Java Apple. White fruit variety. Juicy, sweet and crunchy.

2956 Syzygium samarangense Tun Klao - green fruit
Wax Jamboo, Java Apple. Green fruit variety. Juicy, sweet and crunchy.

1080 Eugenia luschnathiana - Pitomba
The apricot-color, round to pear shaped fruit has soft, melting, juicy flesh with a highly aromatic slightly acid flavor. Not only color, but also taste is comparable to an apricot. The fruit is rich in vitamin C. Being very slow growing, the plant is suitable for container culture (fruit quite well in seven-to-ten-gallon-sized containers).

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