TopTropicals Newsletter / February 18, 2010

Early Season Specials - Mussaendas, Lobster Claw and more...

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Mussaenda philippica
Dona Aurora (white)
Beautiful white hybrid.

Colocasia Black Runner
A superb Colocasia and a must for black plant fanatics. Large matt black, heart shaped leaves on black/purple leaf stalks.

Loropetalum chinense
Compact evergreen shrub with deep burgundy young foliage color that turns dark green as plant matures. Pink strap-like flowers cover the arching branches in spring.

Dona Evangelina - Red
The true flowers are light yellow with brightly colored red bracts.

Medinilla cumingii
Medinilla has bright pink flowers and can be grown as a small shrub or a potted plant. Very tropical-looking exotic plant.

Euphorbia millii - red
Red flower Crown of thorns. The easiest plant to grow! Everbloomer. Chinese grow E. millii as plant of fortune, they believe that when the plant produces 8 flowers in an inflorescence, they will be lucky.

Philodendron sp 'Autumn'
A self heading philodendron with rich red, brown, and green leaves. The new leaves have coppery red color, then slowly change color to orange, yellow, and finally older leaves fade to green, while retaining yellow spots over the entire leaf. In bright light conditions it exhibits pinks in the leaf and stalk. This plant is a real standout.

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Mussaenda philippica
Dona Luz (salmon pink)

The most popular pink hybrid.

Heliconia rostrata
Lobster Claw, Parrot's beak - the most spectacular heliconia!

Rondeletia leucophylla
Panama Rose. Shrub with bright-pink, star-shaped flowers in clusters. The flowers attract butterflies with nectar. The Panama rose has an added bonus for those who sit in the garden in the evening. The flowers are sweetly fragrant, especially after sunset.
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