TopTropicals Newsletter / January 7, 2010

Rhizophora mangle
- Mangrove plants for your aquarium or miniature water garden -
Both salt or fresh water!

Mangroves in aquarium - Book
A unique book about growing mangroves as houseplants and in aquarium. Many color photos. Habitat, growing instructions for aquariums and Lucky-Mangrove, water purifying facts and charts.

Rhizophora mangle -
3 plants for price of 1
BUY NOW - only $7.95!

Red Mangrove - perfect plant to keep your fish tank clean and healthy. Grows well even in salt water tank.
Reg: $24.95, Sale: $7.95

"...Eventually I have stopped changing water in the aquarium, just adding some to replace the evaporated one. Nitrates and phosphates - almost at zero..."

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Consider also getting a book about mangoves

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