Over-wintering Plumerias with limited space

By Patricia H. Reynolds (Northwest Florida, USA)

I love my Plumerias but when the threat of freeze/frost is upon us the rush to get them inside and out of the cold is always hectic. Several years ago I discovered a new way of storing my Plumerias for the winter that doesn't involved hauling the big heavy pots inside. First, I have to say that I usually grow my Plumerias in the ground to help prevent breakage of the branches during some of our severe summer rainstorms. When threat of frost/freeze occurs, usually mid to late November, I dig up the plants, careful not to cause too much damage to the main root ball. I wash all the dirt off the roots and then let them dry out for a couple hours. Next, I take the huge garden trashbags and carefully place all the stalks/plants in them and loosely tie the top. I find a nice dry, dark and above freezing place in the garage or back of my closet and that is where they stay until Spring and after the danger of freeze/frost is gone. I replant the Plumerias in the same hole that they were taken out last fall and within a week signs of new growth is evident.

Do not panic when your Plumeria drops all of its leaves when you put it to sleep for the winter. This is a natural occurance and will not hurt the plant.

This method is NOT recommended for the evergreen Plumerias!

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Patricia H. Reynolds
Okaloosa County Master Gardner
Vice President - American Brugmansia & Datura Society