Jasmine MYstery: Confusing varieties of Jasminum Sambac

The three major varieties 'Maid of Orleans', 'Belle of India' and 'Grand Duke' - differ from each other by leves shape and flowers structure. Sometimes, however, fluctuations occur (or what they call "sport"). The forth popular variety Mysore Mulli, as we consider, is a variation of the 'Belle of India'.

Three varieties are considered:

1. Sinle flower 'Maid of Orleans'
2. Double flower - 'Belle of India' with elongated petels ('Elongata') and regular petals ('Mysore Mulli').
3. Triple flower 'Grand Duke'


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  Left picture: On 'Belle of India' we saw leaves with rounded as well as sharped tip on one and the same plant.

Leaves of 'Maid of Orleans' are all sharped and arranged opposite in pairs on the same plant



  Whorled (3-4) leaves, with rounded tips on 'Grand Duke'  


  Single with rounded petals - 'Maid of Orleans'

Semi-double or single (we saw both single and double flowers on the same plant) with elongated petals - "Belle of India" (longer petals) or "Mysore Mulli".

'Grand Duke' - triple flower



'Grand Duke' variety often has clusters of flowers. Only central flower is truely double-rossete. Side flowers are resembling rose flowers.

cluster of flowers




These 3 pics are taken from same one "Mysore Mulli" plant. As you can see, there are oblong petals, as well as rounded on one plant. Some of them are semi-double. According to Glenn Teves (HI County Extension Agent of UH College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources), "the reddish color showing in many of the pictures is actually damage from a flower midge. Feeding damage from the midge causes the purpliing".


  Flower of Mysore Mulli starts its life as rossete. Petals are pointed.



'Belle of India': "Middle age crisis". Some of petals are "straight", others still curved. Semi-double flower.

On the left - 'Grand Duke' - side flower. Not much difference, except rounded petails.



'Maid of Orleans'
'Belle of India'
'Grand Duke'
Leaves Opposite leaves are arranged in pairs on the same plant 4-ranked (decussate) - leaves arranged in pairs at alternate right angles Whorled, laves in group of three around stem Flowers Single with rounded petails Semi-double with elongated petails Center flower is double. Side flowers are double or semi-double

Petels and leaves

Confusing petels of Belle of India
on the same plant
Belle of India 'Elongata' buds
Belle of India 'Elongata' leaves

J.S. Arabian Nights - new variety. Petal like 'Maid of orleans' but flower is double, leaves like 'Elongata'.

Belle of India Elongata flower


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