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Date: 19 Feb 2024, Entry id: 1708330261-2

Sky Blue Plumbago

Plumbago auriculata Imperial Blue

Q: Can you recommend a small, easy flowering shrub for a hot, sunny location at the front of my house? I have lawn sprinklers, but they may not provide sufficient moisture. I attempted to grow roses and gardenias previously, but unfortunately, they didn't thrive. I'm eager to see some flowers, but I confess my watering habits aren't the best... Is there any hope for me?

A: Don't lose hope just yet! We have the perfect solution for you. Plumbago is tailor-made for hot, sunny locations, offering a vibrant display of flowers with minimal effort required. This resilient plant is a true asset for southern landscapes, boasting adaptability, drought tolerance, rapid growth, and an extended blooming season. Plumbago's sky-blue blossoms are guaranteed to elevate the aesthetic of your outdoor space with their enchanting allure. With varieties like Imperial Blue and Pure White being among the hardiest cultivars, you're sure to find success with this delightful shrub.

Plumbago auriculata Alba