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Date: 6 Jan 2024, Entry id: 1704532262-1

Ten New Year Resolutions:
Diversity in Tropical Garden

Cat diversity in the garden

1. Diversity. Grow different plants. Add more types of tropical plants to your garden for a colorful and diverse look.

2. Save Water. Use water wisely by installing drip systems, collecting rainwater, and using mulch to keep the soil moist.

3. Improve Soil. Make your soil healthier by adding compost or manure regularly. Healthy soil promotes robust plant growth and enhances overall garden resilience.

4. Deal with Pests Smartly. Keep pests in check with a plan - use natural solutions and check your plants often. Preventing program is easier than dealing with infestations.

5. Right Fertilizing. Feed your plants with Eco-frintdly fertilizer such as Sunshine Boosters (safe to use year around). If you use slow-release fertilizers - apply in right amounts, from March to November.

6. Trim Regularly. Keep your garden tidy and healthy by pruning and removing dead or sick parts of the plants.

7. Companion Planting. Explore which plants work well together to enhance nutrient uptake, fight pests and provide shade for those species that need it.

8. Right Climate and Zone Pushing. Pick plants that love your climate, considering sunlight, temperature, and humidity. For more sensitive tropical plants, work on a plan for cold protection: grow them in pots or set up temporary covers.

9. Teach Others. Share your gardening knowledge with the community. Propagate your plants from seeds, cuttings, divisions - and share them with friends and neighbors. Remember: live plant is the best gift, and love is sharing!

10. Make a Relaxation Spot. Create a cozy corner in your garden with comfy seating or hammock, shade, and maybe a water feature for a peaceful retreat.

Cat in hammock