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Date: 9 Oct 2023, Entry id: 1696833362-1

Jamaican Hibiscus Tea: what's in it?

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Ever wondered what's in your delicious Hibiscus tea? It's made from the flower bracts of Hibiscus sabdariffa, also known as Jamaica Tea flower, Flor de Jamaica, Karkade, or Roselle. To make it, pick ripe red seed pods with swollen calyces after the flowers fade. You can use the whole plant including leaves and flowers, but the best part is those flower bracts.
Enjoy this chilled summer drink, known as Agua de Jamaica, popular in Jamaica, the Caribbean, Central and South America. It's also used in Mexican sangria and as hot or cold tea in the US, with a tart cranberry-like flavor. Studies even show it can lower high blood pressure and has health benefits...
Learn more about Jamaican Hibiscus Tea from our new video...

Agua de Jamaica Tea

Hibiscus sabdariffa - Flor de Jamaica, Karkade Sorrel

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