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Date: 4 Oct 2023, Entry id: 1696459862-2

Cat Horoscope
Libra Zodiac Cats 09/23-10/23

By Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

Libra Zodiac cat

Scooby, the Libra Cat

How to know the astrological sign of your cat?
The astrological sign of a cat can be determined by either their date of birth or adoption, as adoption is often considered a second birth for cats...
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Cats that change their minds...

...Like all representatives of the Libra sign, the temperament of Libra cats is characterized by variability... They frequently change their preferences, which can range from their food to their activities. What they love one day, they might completely ignore the next. One day Libra Cats can help you to plant flowers, next day or week, or until the wind changes, they fast dig out all that you planted on previous days…and so in everything!... Speaking of their preferences, all Libra cats have an affinity for plants... Continue reading >>

Libra Zodiac cat

Shaka, the Libra Cat