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Date: 24 Jul 2023, Entry id: 1690188362-1

My new, rare, exotic fruit tree -
the Peanut butter fruit tree from Top Tropicals

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By Scott Riddle

Ready to dive into your first-time mail-order plant experience? If you've ever been curious about what really happens when plants take a trip through the mail, this is the video you've been waiting for!

Get ready to embark on a mail-order gardening adventure with the one and only Scott Riddle, our customer from sunny California! What just landed in his mailbox was a package from Top Tropicals... This isn't an ordinary delivery - it's a Bunchosia argentea, a.k.a. the quirky Peanut Butter Tree!

You didn't know that peanut butter can grow on a tree?... Here at Top Tropicals we have a tree for everything - even for growing donuts!

And hey, it's not just about plants - Scott's got an artsy YouTube channel too! Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of gardening escapades and loads of fun videos. Don't be shy, hit that like button, share the green-thumb goodness, and of course, make sure you subscribe!

Bunchosia argentea - Peanut Butter Tree, fruit on the branch

Watch our original Peanut Butter Tree video:

Bunchosia argentea - Peanut Butter Tree

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