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Date: 6 Nov 2022, Entry id: 1667726762-1

Annona montana - Mountain Soursop
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Annona montana - Mountain Soursop spiny fruit

Exotic fruit, a cold hardy alternative to a Soursop

Not only tasty, this exotic fruit has the most unusual looks! This exotic beauty grows up to a pound and just look at these curious and life-like spines! We guarantee that everyone who sees this fruit in your garden will ask for seeds even before they taste the fruit. And you will have lots of seeds to share because Mountain Soursop is very reliable producer with many seeds in each fruit.
Mountain Soursop tastes similar to regular Soursop (better known as the Guanabana), with slightly milder flavor. The pulp is highly scented, with good aroma. It is eaten out of hand or can be used in milkshakes and smoothies. The fruit is softball sized with orange-yellow flesh, somewhat smaller and rounder than the regular Soursop. The tree is medium sized, with beautiful, large, leathery dark green leaves that emit a strong aroma when crushed.

How to grow Mountain Soursop?

Mountain Soursop is a very easy to grow, medium size exotic fruit tree that is great for beginners. This species is much more cold hardy than the Soursop, established trees can take temperatures a few degrees below freezing, tolerating cold spells down to 24F when full grown. Mountain Soursop tolerates a variety of soil types and will grow well in dry conditions. Trees produce within just 2-3 years from seed, like many Annonas, and can happily grow and produce in a large container.

Annona montana - Mountain Soursop fruit with pulp