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Date: 30 Oct 2022, Entry id: 1667136661-1

What is the best Avocado variety?

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Avocado fruit varieties on a plate

Q: Most trees in my yard were destroyed by hurricane Ian and now I have to start my landscape from scratch. So I decided to plant something useful. Avocado is my favorite. In the stores I see two kinds, large green or small black, but I was told there are many varieties. When I googled the best variety of avocado I found your website. You have quite a selection! Now I don't know which variety to chose. Can you please help? I have room for several trees.

A: Indeed there are many varieties of Avocado (we grow over 50 kinds). Some avocado lovers try to get as many varieties as they can fit in their yards because every variety has its unique flavor and texture.
2 main Avocado kinds that we usually see in grocery stores are -
1) smaller black fruit with rich, buttery texture - Mexican and Guatemalan hybrids
2) green avocado, some can be as large as a small melon, but they have light texture - West Indian types
There are many hybrids. How to pick the right variety for your yard?

Check out our Avocado variety page and scroll down to see a chart that shows characteristics of fruit, tree size, cold hardiness, and chose the right variety that fits your needs.

Below are just a few picks from our horticulturist - our favorite varieties that we enjoy and highly recommend to others.

Best tasting large green Avocado hybrids:

Bernecker, Beta, Doni, Catalina, Pollock.

Best tasting black or dark green, buttery Avocado hybrids:

Winter Mexican, Brogdon, Black Prince, Day, Fantastic, Florida Hass, Marcus Pumpkin, Mexicola Grande, Nishikawa, Waldin

Dwarf trees (black fruit):

Wurtz, Fuerte.

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