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Date: 8 Sep 2021, Entry id: 1631142061-2

Fertilizer and the Fall Garden

by Ed Jones, the Booster Guy

...Well Labor Day has come and gone. Summer is winding down and depending on where you live, thoughts are now turning to pumpkin spice, witches, fall decor and gardening. Wait, did I just say gardening? Yes, if you live in the deep south, and I do, it is time to think about fall gardening and fertilizer. Even those of you in the north can put in a few quick crops now for fall. Think onions, radishes, lettuce and other greens and of course, garlic...

Next month, we can start putting out our plants that do better in cooler weather. We will put out some beans and of course cabbage. We may do some potatoes too. What do you like to grow?
But what about fertilizer? Glad you asked. Now, most of us have our favorite brand of fertilizer. Some of us had some secret fertilzers that we used in the past. For me it was composted alpaca manure. Yes, we raised alpacas in the north, but that is another story for another day....

...Once the temperatures have begun to drop, it is better to use a good liquid fertilizer. The one I will be using this year is SUNSHINE Robusta. SUNSHINE Robusta is an organic amino acid based liquid fertilizer that is safe to use with every watering. It uses amino acids to chelate (bind) micro-nutrients and makes it easier for plants to take them up from the soil. Most fertilizers use EDTA to chelate their micro-nutrients and plants must use about 4 times more energy to break them down than they do with SUNSHINE Boosters. This means that your plants will have more energy to put into growth. And isn't that what we are after?
With Special Seasonal price for 16 oz bottle reduced to only $19 with FREE shipping, this is your best choice of organic, safe fertilizer for your vegetable garden!..