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Date: 29 Sep 2020, Entry id: 1601437262-1

Shipping Tropical Plants Worldwide

Q: We are very interested in introducing frost-hardy avocado varieties into Switzerland. We would really, really like to have our own avocados in our garden. And we believe that the plants have a large sales market here. Do you see a way to send some plants to Switzerland? Which varieties would you recommend, which are the cold-hardiest?

A: Yes, we do ship plants all over the world, including Europe. For basic information on international shipping, please refer to these guidelines. Shipping plants internationally is a bit complex procedure, however we have over 17 years experience with that and you came to the right place. For a quote on shipping cost and to make sure you get all the necessary paperwork, contact our international department direct number 239-771-8082 or email us .

Regarding your questions about Avocado varieties:
First, please take a look at Cold hardy Avocado varieties guide pdf file. The most cold hardy varieties like Brazos Belle, Fantastic, Joey, Lila, Poncho, Winter Mexican - can take short period of light freeze as long as they well established. This means, for the first year or two you need to protect them from freeze. Keep in mind that if you have hard freeze every night for several weeks, then even cold-hardy Avocados must be grown with cold protection. It is possible to do by creating a greenhouse/conservatory around plants in the ground, see example from one of our customers in Virginia. Even better - grow them in large pots. This way plants will be easier to handle and move around as needed. See the photo above of avocado production in pots.