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Date: 6 May 2020, Entry id: 1588819263-1

The best Aquarium fish food ever - stikiStik

Everyone knows that Top Tropicals is good at unique, special novelties. And it is not a secret that most plant people also are pet people - cat people (with PeopleCats), dog people (with PeopleDogs) or at least fish people, right?
Today we are excited to introduce our new revolutionary Fish Food developed by our business partners at Floritin Aquarium Labs

Floritin stikiStikā„¢ - Ultimate Aquarium fish food

StikiStik is a dry powder that you just mixed with water to create a sticky paste. The paste can be attached to any surface inside your aquarium.

Watch a cool video of fish having a stikiStik meal!

StikiStik is a patent pending fish food that does things which conventional fish food does not. It introduces picky eaters to a more natural feeding environment, does not pollute the fish tank, is easy to mix from its powder format and provides gradual feeding. It is easy to apply to any surface in the aquarium, such as interior glass wall, rocks or coral skeleton.

stikiStik advantages

- Easy to use. Just mix with a few drops of water and stik it in! Self adhesive paste can be applied to any surface. Stays intact for hours in aquarium. Does not pollute water
- Scientifically designed and proven for all types of aquarium fish, invertebrates, and corals
- Optimal and balanced nutrition. Contains vitamins and amino acids
- Natural. No hormones, no artificial colors
- Stimulates fish appetite and enhances fish color
- Promotes natural feeding habits. Helps training hard to feed fish. The perfect food to acclimate newly introduced fish, including Moorish Idol, finicky butterfly fish, such as Copperband Butterfly, Pearscale Butterfly, Mandarinfish, and many oithers
- Easy to store. Can be used immediately or frozen for future use
- Add any frozen fish food or medications to mix

See element contents / instructions and more information with videos on stikiStik website

"The stikiStik is the best Aquarium fish food ever - hands down!"
- Mr Booster -