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Date: 23 Oct 2019, Entry id: 1571855162-1

Best tasting white guava

Q: What's your best tasting white guava?

A: Our favorite white Guava is Viet Nam variety that is also very rare and hard to find. The fruit is very large, up to 6" in diameter, the pulp is very sweet and somewhat crunchy. The seeds are small which makes it more pleasurable to eat out of hand.
Another great feature of this variety, it stays compact and branches do not get leggy, unlike most guavas. It can be easily grown in a container, trimmed to the desired size and it will produce fruit under proper care.

Another cool variety is Indonesian, it also has a large round fruit and very few seeds to compare with others.

And last but not least, if you prefer soft fruit to crunchy, the Peruvian variety is a great choice. The fruit is pear-shaped.

Remember to provide plant food for good production, especially if grown in a container.

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