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Date: 7 Oct 2018, Entry id: 1538910096-1

Multi-flowering Hoyas:
from Mark, the Garden Whiz

Q: A few months ago, i was given a Hoya vine. At the time, I was told to not cut-off the flowers but was never told why. However now that it IS flowering, they are so wonderful I would like to. Is there really a reason to not clip them off?

A: Actually, that was very good advise. Unlike most plants we encounter, hoyas develop perennial flower spikes. This means that each spike flowers more than just once! In other words, after the flowers on such a spike have gotten old and fall off, the knobby ended spike remains. Then, after a period of time, that same spike will develop another ring of flower buds. Depending on what kind of hoya it is, these perennial flower spikes may continue to periodically make more flowers for several years! And while the plant will continue to make more of these perennial spikes its whole life, the flowering display becomes better all the time as more and more spikes grow. (By the way, these are technically called "flowering spurs"). So every time a spur might be cut for ornamental purposes, it'll be one less place the vine can flower from in future years.

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