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Date: 29 Jul 2018, Entry id: 1532860561

Fragrant garden


Q: I love fragrant plants and I want to make a fragrant garden. Your website offers amazing selection. A friend of mine told me I should be careful with planting fragrant plants next to each other, and that mix of fragrances may create a funny combination. Are there any flowers that don't go together?

A: Flower scents, unlike perfumes, are pure natural and not as intoxicating to create funny combinations. Although some of them can be strong and even overwhelming. Example - Night Blooming Jasmine, Cestrum nocturnum, which fragrance at night is super-sweet; however most people like it. Reality is, even Night Blooming Jasmine planted next to Gardenia won't create a bad mixture, although one scent may somewhat take over another. In any case, with wind blowing in your garden, you will never be disappointed with fragrant garden. Some plants, like Ylang Ylang - Cananga odorata, or Magnolia champaca, create very fine fragrance that can be smelled yards away, other flowers you will need to stick your nose into.

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