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Tradescantia zebrina, Zebrina pendula, Wandering Jew

Tradescantia zebrina, Zebrina pendula

Wandering Jew
Family: Commelinaceae
Origin: Tropical America
Groundcover and low-growing 2ftShadeSemi-shadeRegular waterPink flowersSeaside, salt tolerant plant

The Zebrina is a relatively common house plant from Tropical Americas. It is not as robust as the similar looking Tradescantia fluminensis. The species name "pendula" means "hanging".It grows outside in summer if you have a shaded, humid location in the garden. Avoid touching the watery sap of the Zebrina, since it can be a cause of skin inflammation. The flowers are inconspicuous white to pink.

The Zebrina grows rapidly if given enough water and fertilizer. The variety 'Quadricolor' has a lot of purple, but needs more sun to keep its color intensity. Frost Tolerance: Hardy to 32F. No direct sun, keep in a humid area, light shade, needs a lot of light indoor. Needs regular watering. Growth Habits: Groundcover, 6-12in tall.

Propagation: Cuttings that root easily in water.

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