Tristellateia australasiae, Shower of gold climber, Vining Galphimia, Vining Milkweed

Tristellateia australasiae

Shower of gold climber, Vining Galphimia, Vining Milkweed
Family: Malpighiaceae
Origin: Southeast Asia to New Caledonia
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallVine or creeper plantSemi-shadeFull sunRegular waterYellow, orange flowersPlant attracts butterflies, hummingbirds

A large shrub or vine that grows up to 5-10 ft tall, Tristellateia australasiae (Shower of gold climber) is a tropical flowering plant that is native to Southeast Asia and New Caledonia. It is characterized by its lush green leaves, which are ovate to lance-shaped and measure up to 6 inches in length. These leaves are the backdrop to its most eye-catching feature: the yellow flowers, each of which has red stamens, that form in clusters of up to 30 in a single inflorescence. The flowers are followed by star-shaped capsules with wings that mature to a brownish color.

In terms of care and maintenance, Tristellateia australasiae prefers full sun to semi-shade areas, and will need regular watering. It is suitable to plant in USDA hardiness Zones 9-11 and is a great choice for butterfly and hummingbird gardens as they are attracted to its bright, vibrant flower displays. For areas with colder climates, it is best to grow this plant in a pot so it can be brought indoors in colder months. The pot should have well-draining soil, and the plant should be watered regularly. Similarly to other tropical plants, it should be kept in humid conditions, so misting the foliage on a regular basis is recommended.

Tristellateia australasiae is a great addition to any garden with its attractive foliage and colorful blooms. With regular care and maintenance, this large shrub or creeper will make a dramatic statement in any garden or outdoor space.

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