Tetracera indica, Tetracera

Tetracera indica

Family: Dilleniaceae
Origin: Thailand
USDA Zone: 10-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapLarge shrub 5-10 ft tallSmall tree 10-20 ftFull sunRegular waterWhite, off-white flowersPlant attracts butterflies, hummingbirdsFragrant plant

Tetracera indica, native to Thailand, is a large shrub that can grow up to 5-10 feet tall, or it can be shaped into a small tree up to 20 feet. It prefers full sun and regular watering and does best in grows in USDA Zones 10-11. The foliage of Tetracera indica is a beautiful green. In spring and summer, showy white or off-white flowers appear, to be admired by butterflies and hummingbirds. The flowers are also very fragrant, with a strong powder-puff scent.

Tetracera indica is easy to grow and care for in a variety of climates. In the warmest climates, it will require regular watering, and should be trimmed regularly to keep its dense shape. In colder climates, it should be grown in a pot, and should be brought inside during the winter months. When grown in a pot, Tetracera indica will require regular watering, as well as protection from extreme cold. It should also be kept above 55F to ensure that it continues to bloom properly. With proper care and regular pruning, Tetracera indica can be a stunning addition to any home or garden.

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