Stigmaphyllon ciliatum, Orchid Vine, Amazon Vine, Golden Vine

Stigmaphyllon ciliatum

Orchid Vine, Amazon Vine, Golden Vine
Family: Malpighiaceae
Origin: tropical America
Vine or creeper plantFull sunRegular waterYellow, orange flowers

Stigmaphyllon ciliatum (Orchid Vine), a plant native to tropical America, is an easy to care for and delicate vine with huge heads of bright yellow or orange flowers similar to oncidium orchids. From spring to fall, it blooms profusely and its blossoms are similar to those of the Lagerstroemia in shape, with each petal abruptly expanding from a small base claw. Each flower measures slightly over an inch across, radiating a vibrant yellow color.

It prefers full sun and soil that is well-drained, and it should be given a moderate level of water; however, in warm climates it is able to tolerate a bit of shade. In cold regions, it can be grown in a pot by providing it with some protection from the cold and excessive precipitation. This can be done by mulching the pot and providing a shelter away from the frost. Additionally, Orchid Vine is usually tolerant to short-term cold temperatures down to 30°F, while extended cold may cause significant damage to plants.

When planted in the landscape, Stigmaphyllon ciliatum can be trained along a wall or trellis, where it can grow up to 15-20ft in height. It can also be used to cover banks and as a border. Pruning of dead branches and flowers after blooming is essential for its growth and to encourage healthy new growth. Additionally, its roots can be pruned to promote the growth of thicker branches. When taking any action to help it grow, don't forget to provide it with the adequate level of water.

Overall, Stigmaphyllon ciliatum is an easy-care vine with beautiful yellow and orange flowers, perfect for adding a splash of color to any garden. With the right growing conditions and some patience, you can have a vibrant, blossoming addition to your outdoor space in no time.

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