Stephania perrieri, Climbing Rock Plant

Stephania perrieri

Climbing Rock Plant
Family: Menispermaceae
Origin: Southeast Asia, Australia
USDA Zone: 10?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapPlant with caudexVine or creeper plantSemi-shadeFull sunModerate water

Stephania perrieri, commonly referred to as Climbing Rock Plant, is native to Southeast Asia and Australia. It is a tender perennial adapted to USDA Zone: 10 and can be grown as a vine or creeper. It is a hardy, slow-growing plant that is most comfortable in regions of high humidity and temperatures ranging from 70F-85F.

Climbing Rock Plant possesses a single caudex surrounded by stems that have perennial clumping qualities. The leaves of this plant are obovate and have a pale green hue. The foliage produces long, bright green tendrils that extend outward in search of a support. In the wild, Stephania perrieri will ascend tree trunks and other networks.

When it comes to light conditions, Stephania perrieri is able to withstand full sun although in colder regions, semi-shade is preferable to ensure its longevity. Regarding water requirements, a moderate irrigation regimen is recommended.

Grown in a pot, Stephania perrieri is able to tolerate indoor cultivation from late autumn until early spring, when cooler temperatures prevail. During cold periods watering should be suspended completely. Above all, it is important to provide a well-draining pot with a soil mix that specifically suits caudex plants.

Overall, Stephania perrieri is a plant of remarkable beauty that can serve as a focal point in any garden. Its lush foliage and vigorous climbing ability make it a decorative addition to a variety of garden styles. With the proper care, this hardy permanent climber will provide brilliant garden for many years to come.

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