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Sarracenia sp., Pitcher Plant

Sarracenia sp.

Pitcher Plant
Family: Sarraceniaceae
Origin: Eastern N. America
Groundcover and low-growing 2ftFull sunSemi-shadeBog or aquaticKeep soil moistWhite/off-white flowersOrnamental foliageRed/crimson/vinous flowersYellow/orange flowersFlood tolerant

This carnivorous plant is widespread in eastern USA and Canada. It grows to only 6 in (15 cm) in height. The pitchers are usually green with purple tints and the lid stands erect. The flowers appear in spring; they are purple or greenish purple. These moderately to fully frost-hardy plants need sun or part-shade and moist, peaty soil. During the growth period they need to be kept very wet, and cool and moist in winter. Propagate from seed or by division in spring. Can be grown as a marginal and bog plant.

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