Ptychosperma macarthurii, Macarthur Palm, Macarthur Feather Palm

Ptychosperma macarthurii

Macarthur Palm, Macarthur Feather Palm
Family: Arecaceae / Palmae
Origin: Australia, India
Big tree taller than 20 ftSemi-shadeFull sunModerate waterOrnamental foliagePalm or palm-like plantSeaside, salt tolerant plant

Ptychosperma macarthurii (Macarthur Palm) is a popular multi-trunked palm in the tropics. The leaves are dark green and are about 4-5 feet long. They are common in the tropics as they prefer warm humid weather. Southern California is a little cool and dry.

Soil requirements: Rich (high in organics and nutrients) with good drainage. Light Requirements: Full sun to semi-shade, but light shade is recommended in coastal locations.

Water Requirements: Moderate. Regular and deep watering is necessary to grow this tree.

Fertilizers: Use a general slow-release fertilizer in late spring or summer.

Plant Care: Pruning is this tree is not necessary. Trimming off dead palm fronds will help it maintain its attractive appearance. Special Features: This plant is great for ornamental foliage. It does well in seaside or salt tolerant environments.

Cold Hardiness: Grows in USDA Zone 9-11. In cold regions, it should be grown in a pot and brought inside during winter. Proper care and protection from cold is essential for the survival of this plant.

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