Platycerium coronarium, Stag's horn fern, Staghorn

Platycerium coronarium

Stag's horn fern, Staghorn
Family: Polypodiaceae
Origin: SE Asia
Groundcover and low-growing 2ft plantVine or creeper plantSemi-shadeShadeRegular waterEpiphyte plantOrnamental foliage

Showy, tropical looking epiphyte that can be grown on a tree or in a large hanging basket. Long, pendulous, much bifurcated fertile fronds produce spores on special cup shaped appendages. Basal fronds form a crown shaped basket. It is able to grow high in the trees of the rainforest, often grows in large masses. Needs bright indirect light. New divisions should be misted daily to keep the humidity levels high. Once they are established, the ferns are fairly drought tolerant and should be watered at least twice a week during the growing season. During the winter rest period, water only enough to keep the fronds from wilting. Too much water in winter causes spotting of the fronds.

SIMILAR SPECIES: Platycerium bifurcatum has fertile leaves forked up to 5x (vs. forked to 7x), and sporangia on terminal tapering lobes (vs. on rounded or kidney-shaped lobes). P. coronarium and P. bifurcatum which look alike when young.

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