Phylica plumosa, Phylica pubescens, Flannel Flower, Flannel Bush, Featherhead

Phylica plumosa, Phylica pubescens

Flannel Flower, Flannel Bush, Featherhead
Family: Rhamnaceae
Origin: South Africa
USDA Zone: 9-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapSmall plant 2-5 ftFull sunModerate waterYellow, orange flowersOrnamental foliage

Native to South Africa, the Phylica plumosa (Flannel Flower) is a small plant up to 2-5 ft tall, with ornamental foliage, yellow and orange flowers and a faint cinnamon scent. It is extremely easy to take care of and only needs full sun and moderate water to thrive. They do very well in USDA Zones 9-11.

When grown in cold regions, the Phylica plumosa (Flannel Flower) is best grown in containers and should be placed in a warm, sheltered area where wind and frost will not affect them too strongly. The containers should be well draining to ensure that the roots are not sitting in water and that the soil is not too soggy. These plants are not winter-hardy and should be brought inside for the winter season, making sure to keep the soil evenly moist. With the right care, Flannel Flower can make for a beautiful and vibrant addition to your home or garden!

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