Peperomia prostrata, Trailing Peperomia

Peperomia prostrata

Trailing Peperomia
Family: Piperaceae
USDA Zone: 10-12?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapGroundcover and low-growing 2ft plantSmall plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeFull sunModerate waterOrnamental foliage

Peperomia prostrata (Trailing Peperomia) is a popular ornamental foliage plant with a range of colors and shapes that make it an attractive addition to any home or garden. This Groundcover and low-growing plant is only 2ft at its tallest and grows best in USDA Zone 10 -12.

Peperomia prostrata grows best in soil that is moist but well-drained, so situate it in an area with good air circulation. Place it in an area that gets either full sun or semi-shade and water it moderately, allowing the surface of the soil to dry out between waterings. Prune it occasionally to promote fuller growth and to keep it tidy.

For those living in cooler regions, Peperomia prostrata is an ideal choice for a potted plant. Place it in a pot with sufficient drainage and use an indoor potting soil mix or a soil-based compost. Make sure the plant is situated in an area where it is exposed to bright, indirect sunlight. Keep the soil moist but not wet and, if possible, mist the foliage with water.

Peperomia prostrata makes a perfect addition to any home or garden, bringing vibrant color and texture, and can be kept in a pot in cooler climates with proper care. With its easy maintenance and vibrant foliage, the Trailing Peperomia is sure to spruce up any space.

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Peperomia prostrata, Trailing Peperomia
Peperomia prostrata, Trailing Peperomia
Peperomia prostrata, Trailing Peperomia

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