Orthosiphon stamineus, Ocimum aristatum, Orthosiphon aristatus, Cat's Whiskers

Orthosiphon stamineus, Ocimum aristatum, Orthosiphon aristatus

Cat's Whiskers
Family: Lamiaceae
Origin: Eastern Asia
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeFull sunModerate waterWhite, off-white flowersPink flowersPlant attracts butterflies, hummingbirdsEthnomedical plant.
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Cat's Whiskers is a small shrub native to Eastern Asia, growing in height from 2 to 5 feet, depending on variety and conditions. It prefers to grow in full sun or partial shade, and does well with moderate water. Flowering in pink or white, off-white blooms, Cat's Whiskers is an ethnomedical plant featuring fragrant blossoms and a number of medical uses from tea brewed from the leaves.

Grown in USDA Zones 9-11, Cat's Whiskers is easy to care for when grown in pots and containers. In colder regions, the key to over-wintering this tropical plant is pot protection: simply bring the potted plants into a covered, frost-free location. During the growing season, Cat's Whiskers can be successfully planted outside in the garden as long as it's kept in a sheltered area. It may require a little bit of extra water during extreme temperatures and during early spring while the new flowers are developing.

Cat's Whiskers is a great choice for gardeners looking to add a bit of subtle beauty and color to their garden. This small shrub is not only attractive to butterflies, bees and hummingbirds, but is also easy to care for and is an ethnomedical plant with a number of healing uses. Whether planted in a pot for a patio, balcony or deck, or out in the garden for those living in warmer regions, Cat's Whiskers is a great addition to any outdoor space.

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