Odontoglossum sp., Odontoglossum. Bakerara

Odontoglossum sp.

Family: Orchidaceae
Origin: South America
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeRegular waterEpiphyte plantYellow, orange flowersRed, crimson, vinous flowersUnusual colorBlue, lavender, purple flowersWhite, off-white flowersPink flowers

Odontoglossum sp. is a small evergreen shrub growing 2-5ft tall, and is native to South America. The orchid is an epiphyte, meaning it grows on other plants such as tree trunks or branches. It requires regular watering as long as it is not kept in a place that stays soggy. Odontoglossum sp. has clusters of waxy, fragrant flowers in an array of colors, including pink, white and off-white, blue, lavender, purple, and even unusual colors such as red, crimson, and vinous and yellow, orange.

If you're looking to grow Odontoglossum sp. in a pot, it is suitable for USDA Zone 9-11 and prefers a semi-shaded spot. It requires regular watering and adequate fertilizer. For cold climates, it is better to keep your potted Odontoglossum indoors during the winter months. To protect from frost damage, make sure that the container has drainage holes and is large enough to accommodate growth. Place in a bright location in your house, away from direct sunlight, and ensure that it does not stay in a place that is too cold for too long, as this may damage the plant. Additionally, potting mix should be kept moist, but not soaking wet. For best results, water once every few days to keep the soil moist.

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