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Neomarica caerulea, Walking Iris, Twelve apostles, Apostle Plant

Neomarica caerulea

Walking Iris, Twelve apostles, Apostle Plant
Family: Iridaceae
Origin: Brazil
Small shrub 2-5 ftFull sunShadeSemi-shadeRegular waterBlue/lavender/purple flowersFlood tolerantSeaside, salt tolerant plant

This species was discovered in Brazil near the ocean in shady sandy soil, so it is salt tolerant. Plants will grow in full sun but foliage color is best in light shade; water regularly. The best specimens seem to be in moist, well drained soil in locations with morning sun and some shade in the afternoon. Their fertilizer requirements are modest. Clumps may be divided but propagation from fresh seed is easy and fairly fast. Plants mature to flowering size from seed in less than a year. Cold hardy only to about 30F.

Variety Regina was introduced by Sid Gardino, and named after his wife, Regina.

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