Molineria sp., Curculigo sp., Palm Grass, Whale Back, Snout Lily, Pleated Skirt. Molineria capitulata
Molineria capitulata

Molineria sp., Curculigo sp.

Palm Grass, Whale Back, Snout Lily, Pleated Skirt
Family: Hypoxidaceae
Origin: Southeast Asia
USDA Zone: 9-10?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapSmall plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeShadeFull sunRegular waterYellow, orange flowersOrnamental foliageEthnomedical plant.
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Rarely cultivated tropical plant from tropical Asia (i.e., Malaysia, Thailand, Kampuchea and Indonesia.) It looks like a young palm, and it has young palm-like leaves. The small yellow flowers are ginger-like, non-scented, and appear near the soil.

Beautiful pleated foliage, very durable. The color is a brighter green than most tropicals so makes a nice contrast. Never bothered by insects or any type disease. The flowers are well hidden and you really have to watch for them. The foliage is the main attraction. Leaves are about 45" tall/long and most stand up, a few curving over.

This plant is easily cultivated in humid, warm places, tolerating both sun and shade. It propagates itself through its rhyzome quickly. In zone 9 this plant will usually die back to the ground in the winter but comes right back in the spring.

The leaves add a lush topical look to any flower bed. Trouble-free plant. Very suitable for growing indoors.

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