Holcoglossum subulifolium, Terete-Leafed Holcoglossum

Holcoglossum subulifolium

Terete-Leafed Holcoglossum
Family: Orchidaceae
Origin: Southeastern Asia
Small plant 2-5 ftRegular waterEpiphyte plantWhite, off-white flowers

Native to Southeastern Asia, Holcoglossum subulifolium is a small, shrubby orchid species typically growing 2-5 feet in height. Though it is an epiphyte, the plant prefers to grow in pots in a well-drained potting medium, with regular watering and high humidity. An excellent choice for warm to intermediate climates, the plant can tolerate temperatures down to USDA Zone 9.

Though its relatively small size makes it an ideal candidate for indoor or balcony growing, Holcoglossum subulifolium can also be grown outdoors as long as it is provided with sufficient protection during winter. An ideal way to ensure outdoor growth in cold climates is by keeping the plant in a pot for easy relocation during cold spells. Planting in large, terracotta pots ensures good root ventilation, although it is important to line the pots with more organic materials to help keep the media from drying out too quickly.

Holcoglossum subulifolium produces fragrant white or off-white blooms. The most common species found in cultivation is the white-flowered Holcoglossum subulifolium var. Album, although there are multiple other varieties of the plant that also feature pastel colors. The plant blooms in the late summer and requires plenty of light for the flowers to open and last for about two weeks.

Holcoglossum subulifolium is an easy-to-grow orchid that makes an attractive addition to any garden or living space. With its delicate beauty, it is becoming increasingly popular amongst orchid enthusiasts, particularly as it is relatively low maintenance.

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