Freycinetia cumingiana, Freycinetia multiflora, Climbing Pandanus, Flowering Pandanus

Freycinetia cumingiana, Freycinetia multiflora

Climbing Pandanus, Flowering Pandanus
Family: Pandanaceae
Origin: Philippines
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallSemi-shadeModerate waterPink flowers

This interesting plant is very hard to find and rare in cultivation. Originated from Philippines, it is a showy tropical looking climbing shrub (leaves will attach to tree trunks) with unusual orange flowers and distinctive narrow leaves. A centerpiece of any tropical plant collection. Does best in bright indirect or curtain-filtered sunlight. Let the soil become moderately dry between thorough waterings. Very easy to grow, it should be used more.

Night temperatures of 65 to 70 degrees and day temperatures of 75 to 85 degrees are ideal. Propagated any season from the young shoots, or suckers that spring up from the base of the plant.

Being a member of the Screwpine family (Pandanus), it has pointed spiny leaves that can grip tree trunks and act like climbers in the jungle.

Part shade tropical plants, they need perfect drainage. Showy light orange flowers are produced terminally. Can attached to a bark or cinder. Looks great climbing a tree trunk.

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