Drymonia coccinea, Besleria coccinea, Alloplectus coccineus , Drymonia

Drymonia coccinea, Besleria coccinea, Alloplectus coccineus

Family: Gesneriaceae
Origin: South America
Vine or creeper plantSmall plant 2-5 ftRegular waterEpiphyte plantYellow, orange flowersRed, crimson, vinous flowers

These calyces project above the red, crimson or vinous flowers.

Drymonia coccinea (Drymonia) is a small shrub or vine, native to South America, with delicate red to crimson, vinous or yellow to orange flowers. This lovely plant prefers regular water, and is typically grown as an epiphyte, meaning it does not require soil, and instead only needs a good potting medium. It can be grown in USDA Zone 9-11, and does well in warm, tropical and subtropical climates.

For optimal growth, Drymonia requires full sun and moist, but not over-watered soil. Mulch or compost will also help with providing nutrients and keeping the soil moist. If you are growing Drymonia in a pot, it is important to repot regularly, to ensure the best possible draining conditions. In colder climates, a sheltered spot or hothouse is best for keeping the plant healthy during winter months.

Drymonia is a low maintenance plant and is known for being drought tolerant once established. Pruning is best restricted to removing dead or old growth occasionally, and to ensure the plant remains at a manageable size. As with most plants, it is important to ensure it is free from disease or pests and occasional feeds is a good way to keep the plant healthy.

Growers of Drymonia can expect beautiful bright flowers that will last throughout the warmer months of the year, with a real showstopper display. Flowers of various colors ranging from red, crimson, vinous and yellow to orange, create an exquisite contrast to the deep green foliage. Truly a unique and vibrant site to behold.

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