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Doryanthes palmeri, Giant Spear Lily, Queensland Mountain Lily

Doryanthes palmeri

Giant Spear Lily, Queensland Mountain Lily
Family: Doryanthaceae
Origin: West Australia
Large shrub 5-10 ftFull sunSemi-shadeModerate waterRed/crimson/vinous flowersAttracts butterflies, hummingbirds

Large leaved plant with bright green leaves from the Australian Agave family with large bright red flowers along flower stem. The brilliant red funnel-shaped flowers are produced on a leafy stem some 3m long and the fruit is a woody 3-celled capsule containing several flat seeds. Grows best in partial shade but will tolerate full sun. Frost hardy although flowers can be damaged by heavy frost. Excellent accent plant or large container plant.

Although the seed germinates readily, Doryanthes palmeri grows very slowly, taking many years to reach flowering size.

Mature height:5 to 8 feet, even10 feet in his natural habitat.

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