Chrysothemis friedrichsthaliana, Tussacia friedrichsthaliana, Chrysothemis

Chrysothemis friedrichsthaliana, Tussacia friedrichsthaliana

Family: Gesneriaceae
Origin: Central America
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeModerate waterRegular waterYellow, orange flowers

Chrysothemis friedrichsthaliana is a small shrub, growing 2-5 ft in height. It is native to Central America and can be grown in USDA Zones 9-11. It prefers partial shade, but can tolerate full sun, and should be planted in soil that is rich and well-drained. It does not like dry soil, so regular water is necessary for its optimum growth.

To keep it thriving, Chrysothemis should be watered moderately, allowing the top inch of the soil to dry out between waterings. If you live in a cold region and keep your Chrysothemis in a pot, make sure to bring it inside during the winter and store it in a well-lit area with good air circulation. During the colder months, be sure to water less frequently. Chrysothemis does not require much in the way of fertilizer, but a small amount of balanced fertilizer can be added to the soil every few months during spring and summer to help keep it healthy.

This lovely shrub is an eye-catcher, with its bright yellow and orange flowers. The flowers appear from late spring to early summer, and they attract several species of pollinators. It's an easy plant to maintain and an ideal choice for adding a touch of tropical charm to your garden.

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