Ceropegia ampliata, Horny Wonder, Bushman's pipe, Condom Plant, Boesmanpypblom

Ceropegia ampliata

Horny Wonder, Bushman's pipe, Condom Plant, Boesmanpypblom
Family: Apocynaceae    (Formerly:Asclepiadaceae)
Subfamily: Asclepiadoideae
Origin: South Africa
Vine or creeper plantSemi-shadeFull sunModerate waterUnusual colorWhite, off-white flowers

Ceropegia ampliata (Horny Wonder) is a vine or creeper native to South Africa which typically grows in USDA Zone 9-11. It has an unusual color and its twining, leafless stems produce off-white to white flowers that last approximately a day before wilting. The unique tubular 2½ inch flowers are lined inside with downward pointing hairs that temporarily trap insects before releasing them the next day covered with pollen.

This plant enjoys full sun to partial shade and moderate amounts of water. It can withstand some drought, however it should be watered regularly but allowed to dry out between waterings and fertilized with a balanced fertilizer every third watering from May to October. To ensure its best growth, Ceropegia ampliata should be planted in a pot with a well-draining cactus mix and an adequate amount of sunlight. In cold regions, this plant should be placed indoors or in an area that is protected from frost.

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Ceropegia ampliata - Horny Wonder

Horny wonder, Bushman's pipe. Origin: South Africa. This is one of the most interesting plants you ever see. Nearly leafless rambling stems produce 3" inflated balloon-like flowers of white and yellow pin stripes, topped with emerald green birdcages.

Recommended Fertilizer: SUNSHINE Orchidasm - Rapid Growth Booster
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Grown in
4-6" pot