Artocarpus sericicarpus, Pedalai

Artocarpus sericicarpus

Family: Moraceae
Origin: Malaysia, Borneo
USDA Zone: 10-12?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapBig tree taller than 20 ftSemi-shadeFull sunRegular waterEdible plantUltra tropical plant. Minimal temperature 55F

Very large rainforest tree to 120ft. Eaten fresh. Seeds are also edible. The pedalai comes from northern Borneo, the Philippines, Sulawesi and the Moluccas. It is a very rare specimen in Borneo. It is occasionally seen growing on the steep, clay hillsides of the inland regions. The foliage consists of very large (40 X 25 cms) handsome, dark green leaves, spectacularly digitately lobed when young but entire when mature. The pedalai bears some very beautiful, eye-catching, bright orange skinned fruits, globular in shape and about 15 cms in diameter. Small soft protrusions on the fruit surface sprout curly, yellow hairs like a giant rambutan. Pedalai is similar to the marang inside, but has a superior flavor, firmer flesh and slightly larger segments. The sweet, creamy-white flesh is easy to eat and like the marang the segments cling to the central core when the skin is removed. As with all the Artocarpus species the seeds are edible and those of the pedalai are considered to be some of the tastiest. They may be boiled, roasted or fried. Fruit odor is not as strong as it is with the fruit of the marang, Artocarpus odoratissimus.

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Artocarpus sericicarpus, Pedalai
Artocarpus sericicarpus, Pedalai
Artocarpus sericicarpus, Pedalai

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