Argemone sp., Prickly Poppy. Argemone mexicana
Argemone mexicana

Argemone sp.

Prickly Poppy
Family: Papaveraceae
Origin: Mexico
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeFull sunModerate waterYellow, orange flowersOrnamental foliageWhite, off-white flowersThorny or spinyPoisonous or toxicEthnomedical plant.
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Native to Mexico, Argemone sp. (Prickly Poppy) is a small shrub that grows to a height of 2 to 5 feet. It is an ethnomedical plant with a long history of use before modern medicine. It has white to off-white flowers with ornamental foliage and yellow or orange flowers, and adds a special touch to any garden.

The Prickly Poppy thrives in full sun and semi-shade with moderate water requirements. It is a hardy plant, grown in USDA Zone 9-11. To care for this plant in cold regions, it's best to grow it in a pot and bring it indoors when temperatures drop below freezing. Prickly Poppy should be pruned regularly to keep the plant looking its best.

Despite its beauty, Prickly Poppy can be poisonous or toxic for humans and animals. The plant has spines and thorns, which makes it difficult to handle. Even though it can be a bit challenging to take care of, this shrub is worth the effort for its delightful yellow and orange blooms. The Prickly Poppy is a great addition to any garden, adding a unique touch with its beauty and exoticism.

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