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Ardisia wallichii, Ardisia

Ardisia wallichii

Family: Primulaceae   (Formerly:Myrsinaceae)
Origin: India, China, East Indies
Small tree 10-20 ftFull sunRegular waterSeaside, salt tolerant plant

Propagated by cuttings of the half-ripened wood taken from the side shoots of the plant any time from March to September; but as the points of these side shoots bear the blossoms and fruit, they are not well adapted for making good plants. To obtain the best plants, the largest, ripest, and best-colored berries they should be sown early in spring; as soon as gathered, in a wide-mouthed pot or seed pan; well drained and filled with loam and peat in equal parts and adding some sand, and plunged in bottom heat, the soil being kept moderately moist. The seeds will germinate in a few weeks after sowing, and when about 2in. high, the strongest seedlings should be selected and placed in 3in. pots, the same mixture of soil being used, with the addition of a fourth part well decomposed manure.

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Ardisia wallichii, Ardisia
Ardisia wallichii, Ardisia
Ardisia wallichii, Ardisia

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