Aphelandra hartwegiana, Yellow Aphelandra

Aphelandra hartwegiana

Yellow Aphelandra
Family: Acanthaceae
Origin: Panama and Colombia
USDA Zone: 10-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapSmall plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeShadeFull sunRegular waterYellow, orange flowersRed, crimson, vinous flowers

Aphelandra hartwegiana, also known as Yellow Aphelandra, is a small plant that typically grows 2-5 feet tall. This plant is native to Panama and Colombia and is typically grown in USDA hardiness zones 10-11. It prefers plenty of sun, although it can tolerate some shade, and regular watering to thrive.

Aphelandra hartwegiana produces beautiful and unusual flowers that emerge out of long orange stalks. The flowers come in two colors: red, crimson, vinous flowers, and yellow, orange flowers protruding from orange calyces in succession over many days.

This plant is relatively easy to care for in most areas, requiring minimal pruning and trimming. In bright light, the midvein and petiole of the plant can take on a reddish hue.

In colder regions grow it in a pot, using good quality soil with fine bark for extra drainage.

Regular watering is essential to keep the plant looking its best. Feed with a balanced liquid fertilizer every few weeks during the growing season, and give an occasional trim to encourage a bushy form. While it can get leggy, regular pruning can help maintain a branching, dense form. Aphelandra hartwegiana is an undemanding and rewarding plant that adds unique beauty to any space.

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Aphelandra hartwegiana - Yellow Aphelandra

Yellow Aphelandra. Yellow flowers emerge out of long orange stalks in the fall time. Pretty and unusual! A tall, shrubby perennial with very long terminal inflorescences that are very unique and showy, with yellow flowers protruding from orange calyces in succession over many days. Grows nicely in full sun in south Florida, but it will also tolerate quite shady conditions.

Recommended Fertilizer: SUNSHINE Megaflor - Bloom Nutrition Booster
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