Afrocarpus mannii, Podocarpus mannii, Afrocarpus

Afrocarpus mannii, Podocarpus mannii

Family: Podocarpaceae
Origin: Tropical Africa
Small tree 10-20 ftSemi-shadeFull sunRegular water

Afrocarpus mannii is a small tree, reaching up to 10-20 feet tall. It has a dense canopy of slender, dark green leaves, and bears small, oval, navy-blue cones.

Native to Tropical Africa, this unique tree requires quite particular care in order to thrive. This species requires full sun exposure, in semi-shaded areas, to ensure continual growth and healthiness. Regular watering is necessary, though too much water may lead to root rot, so a careful balance should be sought.

In USDA hardiness zone 9-11, Afrocarpus mannii grows well outdoors, though it can also be grown in a pot in cold regions as long as special care is taken to keep it healthy. In containers, an appropriate soil mix should be used, and the tree should ‘rest' in winter, with limited watering and fertilization. If the temperature drops to around 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit, it may need some additional protection. Furthermore, the roots should be kept cool, so they remain dormant during the cold months.

In warmer climates, Afrocarpus mannii will grow vigorously and may require frequent pruning in order to maintain its desired shape and size. When pruning, take caution to not remove too much at once as this could weaken the tree and increase the risk of disease.

Afrocarpus mannii is a unique and exotic addition to any garden, with its unique dark green leaves and small, navy blue cones. This species requires special care and attention in order to thrive, but its unique beauty makes it a great reward for any gardener.

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